HR Practices

Monitoring Services




HR practices - Process of candidate selection – IT testing automatization and standardization:

Multi-step recruitement process. Key Tests:
Language specific oral test
IT/Technical knowledge test – Oral and Written (online)
Pshychological evaluation of the candidates by certified professionals

IT knowledge – written test (on-site):
Three types of IT tests distinguished by IT knowledge level (basic, medium, high)
Database of IT test questions of approx. 100 questions per level/topic



HR practices - Workshops


Periodical workshop: dealing with “Client Service” challenges:

- client oriented behavior,
- professional distance,
- client oriented working ethic,
- stress management, etc.

Periodical workshop: dealing with “Team Leaders/Members” interaction:

- training and training material organization (implementation of knowledge base),
- enforcing effective co-workers collaboration,
- defining and clarifying rights and obligations of individual contributors and team leaders








24/7 Service Desk

Cost-effective, multilingual, ITIL driven IT service desk able to manage your end user computing needs and coordinate on-site resources

Application Management

Agile based software development and testing services for client/server, mobile and SaaS applications


Multilingual BPO and customer care center can manage Customer contact, Product pre/post sale support, execute diverse end-to-end processes or run batches of backoffice tasks.

24/7 remote application operations and infrastructure monitoring services. We design, build and operate your monitoring infrastructure.