24/7 Service Desk

Cost-effective, multilingual, ITIL driven IT service desk able to manage your end user computing needs and coordinate on-site resources...



24/7 Monitoring

24/7 remote application operations and infrastructure monitoring services. We design, build and operate your monitoring infrastructure...



Application Mgmt.

Remote sofware develo-pment and management services on most leading languages and technology platforms. Turn-key or T&M, our Application Management services will keep you in control and on budget...




Multilingual BPO and customer care center can manage Customer contact, Product pre/post sales support, execute diverse end-to-end processes or run batches of backoffice tasks...



Talent Scouting

Key personnel search support for on-site pro-ject/service compone-nts in Europe and Eastern countries. Talent searches include
Programmers, Testers, Project Managers, Analysts (tech + biz)...




At EuroDesk we strive to serve the needs of large Systems Integrators and end Clients alike. Our Si partners enable us to extend our reach to a global footprint and add value to our services


Outsourcing or subcontracting services to a performing nearshoring partner leads to substantial savings and increases profitability.

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About us

Founded by IT Services industry veterans, we deliver on the promise of excellence and cost saving in Outsourcing

EuroDesk is a nearshoring service provider operating from Belgrade (Serbia). Our European focused operations deliver BPO, 24/7 IT infrastructure support and monitoring, Application Development and Management services. Our service portfolio aims to address the needs of both established IT companies and final Clients seeking a flexible, cost-effective delivery partner.

Message from the CEO

"At EuroDesk we are proud to have among our current and past clients System Integrators, IT Service Providers, large corporations and medium sized businesses alike. We can flexibly adapt to your organisation, no matter its size, adopt processes and procedures to keep you compliant with your end-user managed base or external Clients' expectations."

Human Capital Management

Our HR processes and HCM standards lower turnover while driving employees professional growth